Monday, November 3, 2008

Environmental Hall of Fame Honorees 2008

The second annual National Environmental Hall of Fame Awards 2008 was presented on Thursday November 20, Friday November 21 and Saturday November 22 at Hotel Allegro in Chicago, across from City Hall. The Hotel Allegro has been rated the Greenest Hotel in Chicago. Debra Poneman was Emcee.

Please click on the November 2008 Honoree below for information on each inductee as presented by our emcee, Debra Poneman.

American Solar Energy Society
American Wind Energy Association
Ben Sandzer-Bell
Center for Neighborhood Technology
Chicago Center for Green Technology
Chicago Cubs
Chicago Park District
Chicago Public Schools
Chicago Transit Authority
CNT Energy
Conscious Choice
Environment Illinois
Green Power Inc
L. Hunter Lovins
I-GO Car Sharing
Illinois PIRG
Illinois Renewable Energy Association
Illinois Solar Energy Association
Informed Energy Decisions
Kimpton Hotels
Lt. Gov Pat Quinn
Mayor Richard M. Daley
Mike Nicklas, Innovative Design
Museum of Science and Industry/Smart Home: Green and Wired
Naperville Renewable Energy
NBC5 and Ginger Zee
Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Brosnan
RJ Jordan
Sadhu Johnston
Sierra Club
Stirling Energy Systems
Tim McNeil
UI Chicago Energy Resource Center
Whole Foods Market


The inaugural National Environmental Hall of Fame Awards 2008 were presented at the Westin LAX honoring World Environment Week Friday June 6. The first class of 22 individuals and environmental groups was inducted into the Environmental Hall of Fame that day.

The 22 honorees and green celebrities honored on June 6 in Los Angeles recommended top solutions to help reduce energy costs, pollution and global warming. (To see their recommendations, please see links in the right-hand column).

Fulltime research was conducted for over one year and is ongoing. Criteria for choosing nominees included recommendations by peers, longevity in the environmental field and overall impact.

Internet research included top ten lists, number of favorable articles and listing as outstanding in their category. Recommendations from each of the nominees prior to the Awards Ceremony will also be seriously considered.

The Environmental Hall of Fame was inspired by Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield (authors of the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul series) in March 2007. They inspired Allen Rubin and Catherine Corbin to interview the top 50 environmentalists. Their interviews and internet research resulted in a book, gallery exhibits, environmental museum and video (see website link in right column or below).

The 22 environmentalists honored on June 6, 2008:

1) Honoree in the Media Field
Mario Van Peebles family (wife Chitra and 5 children)
awarded for Mario’s environmental activism and the family’s TV Series, Mario’s Green House. The event was filmed for Mario’s Green House.

2) Honoree in the Media and the Environmental Awareness Field
Art Linkletter,
96 years old, of People are Funny fame and environmental activist, Chairman of Solargenix.

3) Honorees in the Environmental Stewardship Field
CalPIRG, a sister group of Environment California,
awarded for its Campus Climate Challenge Initiative.

Randy Hayes of Rainforest Action Network awarded for his long-term environmental activism.

4) Honoree in the Energy Efficiency Field
Lance Williams and USGBC
awarded by Mario Van Peebles. Lance is the Executive Director of the USGBC-LA Chapter.

5) Honorees in the Transportation Field
Tesla Motors, represented by Jeremy Snyder,
creator of the all electric roadster. They are now creating a more affordable sedan for the public.

Set America Free, represented by Eyal Aronoff, group of many different organizations joining together to help USA reduce its reliance on foreign oil and promoters of plug-in cars.

Guy Negre, represented by Shiva Vencat, for the Air Car.

6) Honorees in the Solar Energy Field
Larry Kazmerski,
Director, National Center for Photovoltaics, National Renewable Energy Labs, considered the USA’s premier expert in solar cells.

Larry awarded four top experts in the field of solar cell energy:
  1. Stan Ovshinsky, 85 years old, creator of 280 patents (considered to be the Thomas Edison of the renewable energy industry). He was honored as the Father of Thin-Film Solar Photovoltaics. Stan created the first plant to produce thin-film the size of football fields.
  2. First Solar, represented by Lorraine Paskett, applies thin-film photovoltaics to glass and is the largest supplier of thin-film energy in the United States.
  3. Amonix, CEO Vahan Garboushian, awarded as the largest producer of concentrated solar photovoltaics in the United States (now in its 7th generation of production).
  4. SunPower, represented by Bobby Ram, awarded as the largest producer of high efficiency solar photovoltaics (up to 32% efficiency!)
Solargenix, represented by Chairman Art Linkletter, honored for their Power Roof, which creates solar hot water. Also honored as owner of one of the largest solar power plants in the USA, Nevada Solar One, close to Boulder Dam. This power plant was created by Accione of Spain.

Environment California, associated with Environment America, represented by Jamie Rincker, awarded for its influence in helping to pass the Million Solar Roofs legislation in California.

7) Honorees in the Wind Energy Field
Southwest Windpower, represented by co-founder David Calley,
the largest producer of small wind energy in the USA with its quiet, highly advanced wind turbine.

AeroVironment, represented by Paul Glenney, awarded for the creation of micro wind energy, with beautiful Architectural Wind Turbines that can be installed on buildings.

PacWind, represented by Mary Watkins and Gary Toomey, awarded for the creation of micro wind energy, with quiet vertical wind turbines that can be installed on roof tops.

New Energy Congress and founder Sterling Allan, awarded in both the Solar and Wind Energy Fields for the 100 top technologies.

8) Honoree in the Sustainability Field
Randy Hayes, Founder of Rainforest Action Network,
honored as the most effective organization to help save the Tropical Forests.

9) Honoree in the Natural Capitalism Field
Van Jones, renowned social activist, and founder of Green For All
were awarded by Mario Van Peebles. Green For All is helping combat climate change and unemployment by promoting green collar jobs.

10) Honoree in the Government Field
Larry Kazmerski,
Director, National Center for Photovoltaics, National Renewable Energy Labs, considered the USA’s premier expert in solar cells.

11) Honoree in the Community and Utilities Field
CEO Space and founder BJ Dohrmann, represented by Paul Pfeifer,
for helping to foster global cooperation needed to help reduce global warming.

12) Honoree in the International Field
The Ed Mercer Foundation, founder Ed Mercer,
for helping to create an animal sanctuary on Garza Island, Costa Rica.

The National Green Museum and Environmental Hall of Fame hosts the Second National Environmental Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony and inaugurates the National Green Team League, available to every city and school Environmental Group. Please see National Green Team.